Impact! From Bauhaus to IKEA

International Conference presented by the School of Design, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), IKEA x UTS Future Living Lab and the Goethe Institute

30 September – 2 October 2019


One hundred years after its founding in Weimar, this conference traces the transnational impact of the Bauhaus on the history of the future of design. As a workshop of modernity and a laboratory of the future, the Bauhaus changed everyday life through design: from single objects to buildings and cities. The Bauhaus set into motion a democratisation of design that is reflected today in all aspects of the objects we use and the spaces we live in. Impact! From Bauhaus to IKEA examines historical and contemporary design theories, philosophies and practices of making into the future.


A - Impact on Future Living - Designing for tomorrow; Representing and Exhibiting Future Living/Staging the Domestic; New Technologies

B - Impact on Making - Co-Design; Design for Manufacture; Tacit Knowledge as Research

C - Impact on Pedagogy - Rethinking the Studio Model; Expanding Knowledge: Beyond the Institution; Role of Participation in Design Education

D - Impact on Society - Democratic Design; Global Thinking - Hyperlocal Practices; Social Design